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Los Banditos

Ideal for the whole family. Fight Robot Banditos in the Wild West!

A Mad Scientist is up to no good and he has created an army of Cowboys to help him. An army of robot cowboys… this will get tricky! Jump on the chuck wagon, on the train, and go down the river in an American Far West style wild pursuit!

Thrill Meter:
"Best thing in Queenstown"


Alien monsters are invading Earth, zap them or face abduction!

The city is under siege. Embark on a wild chase while fighting reptilian monsters. Gigamon is an epic adventure and an adrenaline rush. Collect points and stop Gigamon before it destroys the city! Over 3 million USD was spent developing this game alone! A stroll in the city you’ll remember for a long time!

Thrill Meter:
"the most exhilarating 3D ride I have ever done"


Crowd favourite – the living dead want you for lunch, this one will scare the pants off you!!

You just graduated from the police academy. Your first night of patrol. It’s a stormy night. Just need to investigate this traffic accident… You will need to be lightning fast and think on your feet if you want to make it through your first night of work!

Thrill Meter:
"I saved the world from a zombie-apocalypse!"

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Jett & Jin

Perfect for children, yet a blast for mum and dad. Awesome jetpack flight through a modern city!

Thrill Meter:
"the kids had a blast!"

Cosmic Coaster

A stunning coaster ride through space. Prepare to be launched into a futuristic world!

Thrill Meter:
"make sure you ride the cosmic coaster!"

Canyon Coaster

An exhilarating roller coaster adventure in the canyons and caves of the American South West. This hectic adventure will get you squealing as you hurtle through canyons and caves!

Thrill Meter:
"Amazing experience on the canyon roller coaster!"

Any Time
Any Weather
All Ages

Or just turn up at:
7 Earl Street, Queenstown (opposite Novotel)
Open 7 days 10am till late


P: 03 441 8080